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Rebar3 Hex Plugin

No plugin is needed for using Hex packages in your project, covered in documentation here, but at this time the plugin rebar3_hex is needed for publishing. The plugin provides support for registering with hex.pm and publishing packages. For instructions on registering see the rebar3 hex.pm documentation, here we’ll cover publishing a package with some unique features to the rebar3 plugin.

rebar3 hex cut

The cut command provides some automation on top of publish. The rebar3 hex plugin itself is a good example of a use case for this command. The .app.src file for the plugin looks like:

$ cat src/rebar3_hex.app.src 
{application, rebar3_hex,
  [{description, "Hex.pm plugin for rebar3"},
   {vsn, "git"},
   {applications, [kernel, stdlib, jsx]},
   {contributors, ["Tristan Sloughter"]},
   {licenses, ["MIT"]},
   {links, [{"Github", "https://github.com/tsloughter/rebar3_hex"}]}]}.

contributors, licenses, links are hex specific metadata. For the vsn of the application a commonly used feature of rebar3 is used where "git" is in the .app.src file and replaced at compile time with the latest git tag, if the current HEAD isn’t on a specific tag the last tag with appended build metadata, as documented on semver.org, is used.

Running cut will first ask for what increment of the version to perform, major, minor or patch. The version, based on the git tag, is then incremented and a new tag is created. After publishing the package cut asks if the git tag should be pushed to origin.

In the case an application has a static version string (not one like "git") cut will increment the version and update .app.src and create a version bump commit and push to origin.

Below is the output from publishing a version of rebar3_hex with the cut command:

(master) $ rebar3 hex cut             
Select semver increment or other (Current 1.7.1):
1) patch
2) minor
3) major
4) other
[1-4] > 1
===> Creating new tag v1.7.2...
Publishing rebar3_hex 1.7.2
    jsx 2.6.1
  Excluded dependencies (not part of the Hex package):
  Included files:
Proceed? ("Y")> Y
===> Published rebar3_hex 1.7.2
Push new tag to origin? ("Y")> Y
===> Pushing new tag v1.7.2...

Publishing from an umbrella project

In an umbrella project there are multiple applications in the project. Since a package must be a single application the entire project can not be published as one. The rebar3 hex plugin will ask which application, or all, in the umbrella the user wants to publish.

Remember to update the local rebar3 package registry with rebar3 update to fetch the latest published packages.

With hex.pm and rebar3 hex an efficient and effective Erlang package ecosystem can grow.